With spending as little as $10 a week on social media promoted posts, your posts could be seen by double the amount of people.  Facebook organic reach is practically non-existent. According to everything-pr.com, 41% of Facebook pages lost more than half their organic reach. Without boosting Facebook posts, your posts could be seen by less than 16% of your fans.  Twitter’s organic reach hasn’t diminished like Facebook, but for a low cost, you can promote your tweets to get even more views on your tweets.  Promoting posts on LinkedIn is another great way to get people viewing your posts and gather more followers on your company page.  Make sure the content you spend time producing gets seen by as many people as possible.  Here are the top 4 reasons why you should be promoting posts.

1.  More traffic to your website.  Posting cute pictures of puppies and kittens can give you great engagement but the engagement that really counts is high quality traffic to your website.  Promoting Facebook posts, Tweets and LinkedIn posts that include links to your website, blog or landing page can help give you more traffic using the targeting options provided by each social media channel. Through the highly targeted options, you can better get your website shown to people who are most likely to be interested in your business.  Higher quality traffic is more likely when showing your post to a customized audience.

2. Higher social shares.  Over 30 billion pieces of content are shared on Facebook each month.  If you promote your content, there are more opportunities for your content to be shared with a greater reach and visibility.  Your Tweets and posts will have more exposure in the news feed making it more likely to be seen and shared (if compelling enough).  The larger your audience, the greater the chances are for more social shares.

3. Higher brand awareness.  Having your content exposed to more social media users, allows your brand to be shown to more people and build a greater top-of-mind awareness to potential customers.  Depending on your business and industry, social media may not be where you get direct sales from but more branding is never a bad thing!

4. More sales/leads.  If your business is one that generates leads and sales from social media, then promoting your posts/tweets can help increase your numbers.  You can promote special offers and discounts to entice buyers who see your promoted posts.

Start with boosting a post on Facebook and a tweet on Twitter for $5 each over a month and see what an impact it makes on your business online!  Don’t have the time to run your own social media?  Contact the marketing experts at Off The Wall media to help grow your business online today. Visit offthewallmedia.com to learn more.