If your business is running a Google AdWords campaign, (which it should be) then running remarketing ads is crucial piece to your advertising puzzle.  How remarketing ads work is your webmaster places a snippet of tracking code on every page of your website and Google will start creating a list of all of your website visitors to show your ads.  The goal is to remind people who may have visited your site but didn’t make a conversion, to come back and convert from the remarketing ads.  Below are 5 reasons why your business should be utilizing remarketing ads.

1. Lower Cost-per-click: Remarketing ads, and generally display ads as well, tend to have a much lower cost-per-click than search ads.  Most remarketing ads will have a cost-per-click around a few cents to a couple dollars, as compared to some search ads that can be almost $100.  Remarketing is a more cost effective way to show your ads throughout the day without depleting your budget early on.

2. Excellent branding: Reach top-of-mind awareness with potential customers by reminding them about your business after they visited your site.  Our attention spans are getting smaller and internet users are constantly distracted by something else going on.  With remarketing ads, you can remind someone who visited your site about your brand.  The ads will continue to show to them on various sites they visit for up to 30 days.

3. Utilize a call-to-action button to generate conversions: A conversion may not have happened the first time someone visited your site, but it doesn’t mean it can’t happen again.  With a call-to-action button on the ad like “call now” or “shop now” can help bring them back to your site.

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4. Dynamic remarketing ads: Customize the ad that different users see based on what products or services they visited on your site with dynamic remarketing ads. For example, if you are a travel company that does skiing vacations, if someone views a specific ski vacation package, you can use dynamic remarketing ads to show them an ad for that exact package. Dynamic remarketing ads tend to gain higher conversion rates making them well worth the extra effort.

5. Ad gallery: Google has a great tool where you put in your web address and it will create options of ads for you that you can customize with different text, images and color.  Anyone can use the ad gallery and you don’t need to have any graphic design skills or much time.  The ad gallery also automatically formats your design to fit each different size of image ads Google offers.