Looking for more traffic and engagement to your Facebook page? Have an awesome to give away?  Facebook contests are a great way to promote your business page, increase engagement and capture new leads.  Many businesses don’t know how to get started on creating a successful Facebook contest.  Below is a guide to help you run your first Facebook contest.

  1. Choose a platform to create the contest on.  We found that Facebook “Contests” App is very simple and straightforward to use.
  2. Figure out what you would like to give away as a prize for your contest.  Keep in mind, you want to choose something that will entice people to enter.
  3. Once you have a great prize, choose a catchy title and description for your contest.  Adding imagery in the description will give users the best experience when visiting your contest page.
  4. Choose a time limit for how long you would like the contest to run.  Having a shorter length contest creates a sense of urgency which requires visitors to act fast.
  5. Next you will need to decide what questions people need to answer and fill out in the form to enter the contest.  Name and email are the essentials so that you can capture and store their contact information.  Depending on your business and industry, there may be some other very important questions to have the users fill out to help you gain more insights.
  6. After you build the contest and add the questions, you will need to add it to a tab on your Facebook business page.  People who visit your page can then easily find the contest and you are ready to start sharing.
  7. Begin sharing your contest by posting it on your timeline, embedding the link on your website or sending it in an email blast. These are just a few of the many ways you can promote and share your contest.
  8. Check the results to see how your contest is performing along the way and once it is over choose a winner!

You now have the knowledge to start running your first Facebook contest.  Don’t feel like doing it yourself? The social media experts at Off The Wall Media are here to help.  Visit our website or call today to learn more.