This year, LinkedIn will become one of the most popular social media channels for B2B companies.  Many companies aren’t sure how to effectively market themselves on LinkedIn and how to take advantage of everything the platform offers.  Below are few ways to effectively start using LinkedIn to grow your business.


1. Transform your company page to generate leads. Use an image on the cover photo that gets attention and creates interest.  Advertise your business on that image to entice readers to want to connect and read more about your business.  Create a clear and compelling pitch in the description of your company.  Speak directly at your target audience, explain your value proposition and the service you provide in the first few sentences of your description.

2. Create influential content.  When you plan out the posts you are going to make on LinkedIn, consider content that discusses trends and changes in your industry or make predictions using real examples and case studies to back them up.  If people start to view you as an expert, then you will get more attention.  Make sure your content is sharing relevant information and solutions that prospects would not be able to find elsewhere.

3. Define your community and build engagement.  Prospective clients are looking for trusted experts and relevant content that helps them solve business issues.  Define how your community is different from other businesses or groups on LinkedIn.  Once you determine what prospects you would like to engage with, start communicating your value to them.  Use the influential content mentioned above to engage with them and encourage conversations to keep the prospects coming back for more.

4. Search for new customers.  Utilize the advanced search and select specific parameters to target the right people for your business. Browse your network and have others in your company do the same to find potential new clients.  Use the “saved searches” tool to get a weekly list of new potential customers.

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