Small businesses who sell products or services online will be working extra hard this holiday season to keep up with buying trends.  Google did a study showing that one third of shopping-related searches are now happening between the hours of 10pm to 4am.  What does this mean for your business?  It is important to look at new strategies on your Adwords campaign to capture these sleepless shoppers.  Below are a few tips to help increase conversions on your Google Adwords this holiday shopping season.

Study Google Trends to get a better idea of what are popular searches this holiday season.  Target the right audience by identifying search trends that are meaningful to your business.

Utilize broad match modifier to allow your ads to show up in searches that include the keyword in a controlled variation.  Broad match modifier can help lower your cost-per-click and increase your clicks and conversions.

Use website call conversions to track your leads when customers call in orders.  Flexible bid strategies can help you reach goals across specific campaigns, ad groups and keywords through an automated bidding process.

Check your Google Analytics to see if people are purchasing on mobile devices and make sure to adjust your mobile ads accordingly.  Mobile purchasing for holiday shopping this year should have an even bigger increase than previous years.

Holiday shoppers visit up to 12 websites before deciding on their purchase.  Make your ad extensions stand out with strong promotional offers.  Utilize ad customizers to have your offers changing by the day in real-time.

Improve the holiday shopping experience and your SEO with Google Sitelinks.  Sitelinks are a listing format in Google’s search results that show a website’s main page as well as several links below it.  Sitelinks are helpful for the consumer to make it easy for them to find the page they are looking for and also for SEO since it helps index your site properly.

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