Oh how the times have changed. I can’t wait to see the prototype release in 2014!

3 Incredible Benefits of Using API’s

There are many of you reading this that are managers looking to get a better grasp on what an API is and how it can benefit your programmers. API is an acronym for “Application Programming Interface”. Simply put, this interface allows programmers to develop applications that communicate with an existing application or service to automate […]

Update linux DNS named serials with bash script

This will update the serials of all of your *.hosts files in the same directory that you executed the “updateserials” command in (aka `pwd`). This only updates serials that begin with the current year. Enjoy! #!/bin/bash read −p “Are you sure you want to update `pwd`/*.hosts serial numbers to `date +%Y%m%d%H` (y/n)? ” if [ […]

TOP 5 FREE Business Marketing Necessities

A great deal was learned, after recently taking inventory of our marketing agency’s own online marketing plan. We were a bit embarrassed to find that we were in fact making many of the mistakes that we so adamantly work to keep our clients from making. I’d like to share a bit of my company’s experience […]

What Social Media Sites Should I Use for My Business?

Being initiated into the world of using Social Media for business can often times be a daunting task and generate more questions than answers. It may seem like Social Media has been around forever but the truth is it’s only been in wide use for less than five years and a majority of businesses are […]