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Long Live Ryan Rollins

Ryan, you will be greatly missed… Portland lost a real one… Ryan Rollins, an awesome dad, a wildly successful entrepreneur, and most of all rad friend, passed away yesterday. Ryan was a one-of-a-kind sole, a true hustler, a go-getter, and risk taker. Ryan always knew how to have a good time, put a smile on […]

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Portland Web Design

Maybe you‚Äôre thinking about having your first one made ‚Ķor maybe, you just need a new, better one. In any case, you should know at least some of the basics about web design. ‚Ķand no worries, it will only take 3 minutes. First of all, let‚Äôs face it: a Website is the core of your […]

Top 5 Reasons for Landing Pages

Why would you want to direct a prospective customer to a landing page and not your website’s homepage? This is a commonly asked question by clients and there are several reasons why. The simplest of these reasons is because we want to turn a person who finds your company’s content through search into a client […]

Google Makes Website Security SSL Certificate Necessary

Online security is rightfully at the forefront of Google in 2018 and they have placed priority on website’s officially certifying their server security with Transport Layer Security also referred to as Secure Socket Layer (SSL). Starting this year, Google will be giving preference to websites that are officially certified as secure with an SSL Certificate. […]

Web Design’s Hottest Styles for 2016

Web design is constantly evolving with new preferred trends and styles popping up each year. ¬†In 2016, we will continue to see some of the timeless designs here to stay and new styles gaining popularity. ¬†Web design is becoming richer with more dynamic and personalized digital experiences. Here are some of the hottest trends this […]

7 of Web Design’s Hottest Trends from 2015

One the most powerful pieces of the digital world got a whole lot more simple in 2015. ¬†This year, web design transformed from information overload to focusing on empty space and simplicity. ¬†Websites are now using more high-definition photos and unique typography to capture readers with eye-pleasing content. ¬†With a shift in web design trends […]

4 E-commerce Web Design Trends You Must Know for 2016

Mobile usage is driving almost every web design, digital and marketing trend forecasted for 2016. ¬†With continued growth in the e-commerce world, those sites are providing similar design patterns to give shoppers convenient and easy shopping experiences. ¬†Below are some of the e-commerce design trends that will take over 2016. 1. Card and card-like layouts. […]

You are Losing Customers if your Website is NOT Mobile-friendly

With¬†60% of Internet access being on mobile, not having a mobile website means you are throwing away new customers. ¬†Smartphone users check their phones about 150 times a day giving businesses multiple opportunities to get in front of customers on mobile. ¬†Responsive web design the best option for optimizing your businesses website for mobile. ¬†Responsive […]

The Top 3 Reasons why Visitors aren’t Converting on your Website

The ultimate goal of a company’s website is to gain new business. ¬†Whether it is through phone calls, submission forms, online purchases or store visits, in order to be successful you must generate sales. ¬†If your website is not converting visitors to customers, it may be because… 1. Your website is not mobile-friendly. ¬†Have you […]