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Will My Business Survive Coronavirus?

This blog was started to help marketers and business owners through good and challenging times and these are some of the scariest, sad and downright depressing times we’ve ever faced. I hope this resource which draws from my own failures and successes as an entrepreneur can help others understand what we’re looking at from a […]

Top 5 Reasons for Landing Pages

Why would you want to direct a prospective customer to a landing page and not your website’s homepage? This is a commonly asked question by clients and there are several reasons why. The simplest of these reasons is because we want to turn a person who finds your company’s content through search into a client […]

Off The Wall Media’s 2015 Year in Review

In 2015, Off The Wall Media launched 30+ websites and hundreds of successful online marketing campaigns. ¬†From X-Games athletes to billion dollar companies, we worked with a variety of businesses throughout the year. ¬†Below is a short video that shares a few of the websites our design and development team worked on this past year. […]