Increase your Conversions with Killer Copy

Every business makes one of their main goals to get more conversions.  However, many of them don’t know where to begin to achieve this goal.  We have compiled a list of seven ways to increase your conversions through writing killer copy. 1. Focus on what the customer wants.  Instead of focusing on what you offer, […]

How to Effectively use LinkedIn to Grow your Business

This year, LinkedIn will become one of the most popular social media channels for B2B companies.  Many companies aren’t sure how to effectively market themselves on LinkedIn and how to take advantage of everything the platform offers.  Below are few ways to effectively start using LinkedIn to grow your business.   1. Transform your company […]

5 Ways to Build your Brand and Followers on Instagram

With over 300 million users, now surpassing Twitter, Instagram is the social place to be.  Each day the global community shares over 70 million photos and videos on Instagram.  The largest demographic on Instagram is 18-34 year olds and a study found that a lot of those users are urban, youthful women. Instagram is still […]

What’s Next for Social Media in 2015?

In 2014 there was a record of 1.79 billion users on social media and it is projected to reach about 2.44 billion by 2018.  Social media this year will continue to be on top with for online marketing.  Each year different trends emerge and in 2015 we see new ones and others will further increase. […]

4 of the Biggest Trends for Marketing & Media of 2014

2014 was a transitional year where advertising redefined itself.  Amid the viral moments like Ellen DeGeneres’ selfie during the Oscars and the Twitter hype for the World Cup, there were a few trends that stood out in the world of marketing and media. 1. Print advertising made a comeback. Companies like Airbnb found a resurgence […]

Online Retailers had the Best Christmas Yet

Amazon and other online retailers sold more products this holiday shopping season than previous years.  Not only was it successful for the companies but also for deliveries with no major delays or mishaps.  Online shopping is set to rise 16% to $61 billion for the November to December period.  Consumers spent more this year due to […]

Facebook Pages Launch New Call-to-Action Button

Facebook is constantly searching for new ways to make their business pages more easy for people to interact with.  They recently announced a new call-to-action feature to help businesses drive specific objectives on their page.  Every businesses top priority is leads and sales, making this button important to reach those goals.  The admins of a […]

New 2015 Social Media Management Packages

Is one of your businesses New Years resolutions to be more active on social media? Off The Wall Media has you covered with a variety of social media management packages to fit your businesses strategy and goals. Why should you be on social media?  Below are some important reasons why social media marketing is vital to the […]

What did you Google this year?

Google just released their comprehensive list of 2014’s top searches.  Previously we wrote about Bing and Yahoo’s top lists and it seems Google has many of the similar topics.   The top 10 searched topics include Robin Williams World Cup Ebola MH370 ALS Flappy Bird Conchita Wurst ISIS Frozen Sochi Just like Bing and Yahoo […]

4 Web Design Trends for 2015

This year we saw web design focus more on simple and straightforward sites to maximize visitor to lead conversions.  Mobile friendly sites stole the spotlight as more people started using solely their smartphone for web browsing.  For 2015, experts don’t see web design changing drastically but still sticking with the idea of simplified and responsive websites. […]